John F. Kennedy High School

John F. Kennedy High School opened for classes on February 8, 1965. The 1965-66 enrollment was 1,359 students. In 1966, John F. Kennedy High School graduated 399 students in its first graduating class. It closed June 18, 2018.

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Taylor Center High School

Taylor Opened its first high school, Taylor Center High School, in September of 1953, starting with 9th graders only and then progressing with that grade until its first graduating class in June of 1957. In June of 1957, 299 students graduated from Taylor Center High School. The Class of '57 led the way for another 16,414 graduates that followed.

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Taylor High School

John F. Kennedy High School and Harry S. Truman High School combined beginning the 2018-19 school year. The freshman class of 2021 attended Truman High for the 2017-18 school year for it's entirety. Taylor High School was rebranded with it's school colors Black and Gold and their mascot the Griffin.

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TITAN Alternative High School

Information about TITAN Alternative High School coming soon.

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Truman High School

It took two years in the planning stages and one and a half years of actual construction before Truman Junior-Senior High School opened. It is situated on 40 acres of land. The structure encompasses five and a half acres and cost $6.1 million. It was designed by Joseph St. Cyr of Farmington. The halls were originally carpeted with a moss green carpet. The lockers has a color scheme of orange, brown and beige and blue, green, tan and yellow. The huge "classroom" called the Agora held 26 classrooms seperated by walnut storage cabinets. The backs of the cabinets held bulletin boards, screens, or chalk boards. Headsets were used when movies were shown. Approximately $1 million was spent on furnishings. The open concept classrooms have been replaced with walled in classrooms today and the carpeting has been removed. The English Circle is now strictly a cafeteria.

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